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I'm considering leaving for a while

I've been thinking, and... I really need to start focusing on my future. The wiki, along with assorted games and Facebook have diverted my attention from school work. If I want to maintain a 4.0 and have less stress, I may need to just... disappear from the wiki for a while. I'm still deciding, so don't worry about it now. If I do leave, my departure will be anywhere from 8 weeks - 6 years.

Yours truly,

Mr. Pengy.

Edit: Another reason isn't for anything that anyone's specifically done. I just don't feel too incredibly needed. I'm not the most popular member, and truthfully, I don't think anyone would really notice if I left. That doesn't mean I'm leaving yet, even if I possibly may. I'll still be around for a while, until I fully decide.

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