Hi. Mr. Pengy here, once again.

Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't been around. On chat I may have popped my head in a couple times, but ran off a few minutes later, usually in a fit of anger. I'd like to apologize to all of you for that. You see, I'm going through a period in my life which is... more of a challenge than ever before. I'm not going to go into deep information about it, because I've already had a rant about that in a previous blog entry. It's just like that now, except twice as bad plus a few new things. Through my tireless efforts to calm my anger and find a solution to my sorrows, I've encountered a lot of things. Sort of like a journey.

Minecraft is an incredible way to loose stress, with communities on servers filled with other people just like yourself. Of course, the owners of those servers don't like me, just like most people, and ban me. I'm known as 'Kind li'l Empy' on Minecraft by the usual users, but to the owners I'm just that guy they love to hate. I'm quitting Minecraft.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Or rather, how wonderful it is. The show has brightened my life up a little. Sure I get made fun of more than ever because of it, but it just... makes me happy. Personal happiness- I know I'll get comments about the show not being such a big deal, but it gives me chills. I get chills from a few choice things in my life- Wonderful music, adventure and mystery, something else as well. I'm going to continue my fandom.

Along with this I'd like to add a message to the Anti-Bronies. Why do you hate the show so much? I mean, there's nothing wrong with disliking things which involve all the elements to make it perfect, but why do you have to go around sharing your hate with everyone? Gosh I hate people like that so much. Oh well, there's haters for everything am I right?

I'm coming back to my roots- Creepypasta. I've missed you all. I know my pasta's going to be released as the current PotM tomorrow, but that doesn't matter to me anymore. I plan on reading, reviewing, and contributing like there's not tomorrow, and nothing will stop me this time.

- Your fateful student, Mr. Pengy.