Hello for the second time today, my fantastilc feathered firends.

I realize my blog posts are quite boring, but I absolutley need to make this message clear.

Out of any error in writing, it seems the most common out of any author would be hyphen and dash usage. Let me take you on a little tutorial about the usage of these magical symbols!


See the button next to the 9 on your keyboard? When you press it without holding shift, a hyphen is created. Hyphens are mainly used to separate compound adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Here's a few examples:

The pasta 'Squidward's Suicide' is well-known. After a long day, I got some much-needed rest.

En Dashes:

You probably won't need to know about these, but I'll tell anyway. En dashes are commonly used as a replacement of the word to when talking about distances or other ranges of value. En dashes are slightly longer than Hyphens. Examples:

85%–90% of Troll Pastas can be defined as Horrible Troll Pasta.

The score in the basketball game was 60–77.

Please note that you can't normally just find this symbol on your keyboard. Also, the name 'En Dash' was given because the width of the dash is that of the letter 'n'.

Em Dashes:

This is the most important thing I'd like to talk about, although I wouldn't be the best to describe it. If you understand what I'm talking about, it's used to conjoin statements, similar to a semicolin. I can't think of any examples off hand.

Sorry this was so boring.

-Mosieur Pengy