Hello again my feathered friends.

I realize I've just recently writen a quick rant about the grammar of new articles, but right now I'd like to list some example of repeditive things which I keep seeing.

  • Not capitalizing. Often enough I catch an artilce where not a single 'I', 'I'll', or even first letter of a sentence if capitalized. Come on posters, I learned this stuff in elementary school.
  • Simple erros in spelling, whether they be homonyms or not. It's somewhat excusable if I see someone use a word such as "bored" rather than "board". Other than that, dishonor!
  • Another thing that irks me is when people say "alot" rather than "a lot".
  • Spacing between periods and the first word of the next sentence is important.
  • Extremely long sentences/overuse of commas.

This kind of stuff kind of pisses me off, how lazy writters can be. If you don't want to be mistaken for writing a HTP when it's OC in reality, I suggest waking up in Language Arts class every so often.