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A quick rant on grammar of new articles

Mr. Pengy February 25, 2012 User blog:Mr. Pengy

My reaction upon reading through them for the first time.

Hello my feathered friends, Mr. Pengy here once again with a short rant on the grammar usage of new articles.

I'd have to say about half of the new articles I see posted on here by their original authors are horribly lacking proper revision. I mean, at least read through your story before you post it, or rather ask someone else to proofread. I'm a fourteen year old boy who doesn't even get A's in Language Arts, yet those of you who suggest your age being anywhere from twenty to thirty-five have worse writing fluency than my fith grade sister. On top of that, my state is known for having the worst and most illiterate students in the country.

I've sat in front of my computer for hours formatting paragraphs, adding capitilization (mainly to 'I', 'I'm' and 'I'll), tense errors, (etc). Not that I have a problem with looking over them- as a matter of fact, I enjoy looking over them. It's just I want to see a little more effort put into the quality of posts which get put on here before they're posted. This concludes Mr. Pengy's bi-weekly rant, thanks for joining us.

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