Mr. Kostopoman

aka John

  • I live in My home
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Flipping off people.
  • I am I'm just a man
  • Mr. Kostopoman

    Hello CPW.

    On the morning of Sunday the 28th at around 9 Kosto passed away. He has had a long battle with cancer and had a chance to live but that chance got slimmer by the past few weeks. 

    He loved you guys so much.

    Live long and prosper, as he would say.

    ~Kosto's Family

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  • Mr. Kostopoman


    September 16, 2014 by Mr. Kostopoman

    Hey guys,

    Just so you guys know, recently I was diagnosed with liver cancer. Gonna spend my last few months on here alot!

    Love ya'll.

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  • Mr. Kostopoman

    I'm moving to Indianapolis tomorrow, so I won't be on until I get WiFi. Cya soon, fuck buttons!


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  • Mr. Kostopoman

    My friend Jake has passed away yesterday. Me and him were HUGE Pokemon fans. He called me Emerald and I called him Red. 

    Cya guys soon. I'm going to miss him.


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  • Mr. Kostopoman

    How long am I banned from chat? I was kicked, then banned even though i was kicked for one thing.

    (If this is counted as a spam blog I'm facepalming BECAUSE ITS A QUESTION TO THE FUCKING ADMINS!)

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