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Y'know What I Find Funny?

Hello my many minions,

Y'know what I find funny? The fact that the Mainstream Media's love affair with Obama has already begun a little under a year away from the election! I mean, how the fuck can you call an election when the primarys have JUST FUCKING STARTED?!?!?!?!?!

I also find it hilarious when people bash Fox News. I don't watch news on the television as I usually listen to the news on the radio. I do know enough about the mainstream newscasting media to understand that Fox News is indeed the black sheep of the industry. You all know why? 'Cause it has a conservative bias whereas peoples' precious MSNBC, CNN, etc. are all just as biased! The difference between the two groups? MSNBC and CNN have a far more liberal bias to their subject matter. Either way I'm fine. I don't watch neither Fox nor MSNBC and CNN. It's the freedom of the press and it's the freedom of speech in action.

I can respect anyone's political views as long as they don't make themselves look like a douchebag by saying shit like, "HURRRRR FOX NEWZ IZ ALL LYZ N SHIT TROLLOLOL BAN IT BOYCOT IT DUUURRRR".

TL;DR: People are dumbasses and drink WAY too much Kool Aid for their own good. These people are what I like to call... "idiots".


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