Hello my many minions!

So I just had two of the most random things happen today! Firstly when I was surfing the web I was suddenly filled with the urge to listen to the Lavender Town Syndrome music but whenever I'd click the link my speakers would get all messed up. It took a good 15ish times for the audio to finally come in right. That was cool :P. However after getting through about 7 minutes then getting bored... I decided to look on /x/ for one of my favorite realpastas (the one with the spectograph picture of the orange person screaming with black holes for eyes and mouth [I'll put a picture in] that whenever you open the picture in notepad it says "findmefindmefindme"ect.) Well I found it on /x/ and as soon as I open the picture in notepad and start scrolling through the thread I can hear sirens and stuff coming from down the street and a news helicopter flew over my house to the source of the sirens. That was scary as all fuck. I just wanted to know... how many people have had freaky coincidences like that before?