Hello my many minions.

Today I've given up. There is just too much distance. Between me and a girl I like to refer to as Virtue. In case you are a fellow The Weakerthans fan, that is in fact a Virtue the Cat reference. She'd pretend to hate it when I called her that. I could tell otherwise ^_^ She really loved it. Like I love her. Now, I'm lucky to get a passing "hi". It's hard because we were so close. We'd sit on Skype and talk for hours. 'Till ten o'clock at the earliest. (Sorry if I haven't been talking to the people who I harrassed for names btw. A lot has been going on. I'd much rather write at this time.) We have no classes together anymore. That could be an answer. I get so jealous. I know for a fact that I was never overbearing with her. I'd die for her. I really would. Hell, I'd do anything to have a face to face conversation again. Instead of faux text.

I have a riddle.

What's dull and not worth going through without Viktoriya?