Hello my many minions,

This blog post mostly wholly applies to my fellow admins. I just would like to know two things about polls.
1) Is it so hard to make a poll and put your signature?
2) When you make a poll would it kill you to put an expirey time on the poll? This is more of a problem and A LOT more annoying than the first issue. If you forget that you added a poll to a page that you forgot existed and you don't leave an expirey date I get the feeling you guys expect me to be able to read minds. I'd love to have that ability... but, sadly, I don't.

For example:

Shitty shit is shit... and will die.

The poll was created at 21:54 on June 17, 2012, and so far 2 people voted.

(user signature) (expirey date)

I'm just saying that

TL;DR: Read above... please follow as instructed.

Thank you all.