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Hello my many minions.

I've noticed that the Marked for Review category is looking like the American prison system; ugly and overflowing. This is just a friendly reminder that Marked for Review is a category that is added if your page needs "further editing/fixing. THIS CATEGORY IS NOT FOR OTHERS TO REVIEW YOUR WORK"!

I move that Marked for Review, unlike Needs Editing, has a time (somewhere over 3-Days) where if it isn't fixed it gets deleted.

Two polls, one for if pages marked with M4R should be deleted after a certain amount of time and another for how long it should take for it to be deleted.

Should pages marked with M4R be deleted?

The poll was created at 18:10 on July 5, 2012, and so far 7 people voted.
How long should it take for them to be deleted?

The poll was created at 18:10 on July 5, 2012, and so far 8 people voted.

Polls expire on Thursday, July 12th.

EDIT: I also hope/expect that one gives an explanation as to why one adds M4R to a page in a message on the article's talk page. That way it makes the job quicker for the admins so that we can get on to more pressing matters with the wiki. I move that if one does not leave a message on the talk page, I and what I assume to be most if not all other admins will edit the most obvious issues with the page and subsequently take M4R off of the article tags. If I get a second movement I will create a poll on this page and voting will commence thereafter.

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