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I have been diagnosed with biopolar but I get the feeling I've been misdiagnosed. Here's why:
I either feel "normal" or depressed. No "I'm just feeling happy today" or "I'm going to fucking kill someone today... I just know it".

Here's the Point of the BlogEdit

Do you guys think someone with depression (I don't think I have sever depression. I just think its Dysthyma or something.) can be happy sometimes? I don't properly know how to word it. I guess, at it's simplest, I can feel happy but only in situational matters. Like, if someone complimented me, I'd be happy for the time being. I still feel a gloomy, pessemistic about the overall outlook on my life though.

I find it hard to concentrate and I find it difficult to feel motivated to do anything as evidenced by almost failing two classes by midterm. I find my social life (especially in school) to be slipping and I'm having trouble keeping a relationship going with people I legitimately like let alone the one's that I hate who I'm forced to be around. I always feel exhausted and I get hardly any sleep. I also tend to eat a lot which compounds the situation, making it worse.

Overall I'm not genuinly happy with... anything really.

I doubt many, if any, of you guys have a psych degree but your feedback would be much appreciated. If I don't get my act together I fear that my parents may take me out of the school I go to (which, despite what's written above) I love (most) of the people there. And this would, obviously, make the situation much worse. Let alone the fact that I hate to see anyone, especially my parents, get so worked up over my acedemic (especially) performance.

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