Guys. Just take a look at the Recent Activity page. Do you see how many blocked users there are? That's right. A lot. And can you guess why many (and that's a nice way of saying ALL) users have been blocked recently? That's right... THE ARTICLE LISTING. Seriously guys (I'm talking to the newbies not so much to the verterans but yes this does apply to some of them too) it is vital that you update the Article Listing. It is just uncourteous and rude to make people, such as admins and those who volunteer to help clean the AL up, go through all of that pasta. It's hard to handle in one sitting.

P.S. Look at Slosh, especially, doing all that work with the article listing and banning. Is it fair to him? (Many pats on the back.)

P.P.S. Again no "Hello my many minions"... y'know the drill.