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  • Mr.Zalgopasta


    February 9, 2013 by Mr.Zalgopasta

    Hello my many minions,

    The following is a very brief announcement I'd like to make for the sake of all the other admins' times. 

    If you ever see at pasta titled "Victorious: The Truth", NOTIFY AN ADMIN IMMEDIATELY!!!! I can't even begin to tell you all how many times we've deleted that cancer cell of a story from this site and it somehow keeps coming back! The better we can keep track of it, the less time is wasted for us admins.

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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Hello my many minions,

    Seeing how a few people have been complaining about the PotM polls for August haven't been updated... I took the time myself to set up the polls. I know it's short notice but the month is still pretty new. Soooo... um. Vote. Like now. It's kind of important that we get caught up on this shit.

    • sigh* Been such a clusterfuck around here lately. Damn new fag fiends.
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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Hello my many minions.

    I've noticed that the Marked for Review category is looking like the American prison system; ugly and overflowing. This is just a friendly reminder that Marked for Review is a category that is added if your page needs "further editing/fixing. THIS CATEGORY IS NOT FOR OTHERS TO REVIEW YOUR WORK"!

    I move that Marked for Review, unlike Needs Editing, has a time (somewhere over 3-Days) where if it isn't fixed it gets deleted.

    Two polls, one for if pages marked with M4R should be deleted after a certain amount of time and another for how long it should take for it to be deleted.

    Polls expire on Thursday, July 12th.

    EDIT: I also hope/expect that one gives an explanation as to why one adds M4R to a page in a message on the article…

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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Hello all of the other admins,

    I'm looking for one other person to help me change some stories in the HTP section over to the Troll Pasta section (and vise versa).

    Our mission: One person, myself, will move stories (such as Hyper-Realistic) over to the Troll Pasta category and another person will look for HTPs that have been tagged as Troll Pasta and then move those over to the HTP category.

    Two people working together will make this go a helluva lot faster. The first person to volunteer will get the job. I'll leave a message on your talk page tomorrow to let you know when we start.

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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Hello my many minions,

    Though I don't see it often... it has happened before. I personally don't feel that it is appropriate at all to see a real-life picture of a user in any kind of article. Therefore, I am inclined to make it a bannable offense for a real image of a user to be added to an article/gallery.

    I don't know exactly what the repurcussions will be or what kind of exceptions, if any, there will be and I want other admin/user opinions about this so I will make two polls.

    Both polls have an expiry date of July 1st.

    This one's pretty straight forward. In fact, it's more of a question than anything. Do we still have the "Wallpaper Gallery"? 'Cause I've only just heard about it today going over the Site Rules. If it no longer exists, I w…

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