• Mr.Flabbergaster

    One day, a noodle of macaroni, named Flirm got lost, and couldn’t find his home. Unfortunately, he got eaten. His brother, Mr. Flabbergaster swore revenge on the person who ate him. His brother was also a noodle of macaroni. Now Mr. Flabbergaster was no peculiar piece of macaroni. He could talk to any food in the world, except for watermelon and fried chicken. He had bad history with those foods,but his best friend was a can of grape soda, and his name was Mr. White. He started his journey and Mr. White volunteered to come with. Which was a bad choice because they came across the one and only Britney Spears and Mr. White had only half his liquids left, but they carried in down the yellow brick road to find the man who ate his brother.

    They …

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