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OK, I would post this as an actual Pasta, but I just got back from being banned, so I'm not taking any chances. For almost a year now, I been expieriencing weird things. Like, not something like "My Body is Changing" or anything like that, this is serious. Whenever I read a book, a story, watch a video, anything, nothing feels new to me. Everything is things I recognize, I just don't know where from. As I read comments or stories on this website, I keep thinking "I've seen this all before". As I'll read the comments on this blog, I don't know what they'll be, but when the come, they'll feel familiar. I don't know, maybe I'm embarrising myself, maybe this is a normal thing, but it feels so unnatural. I cringe while I type this. If you have simaler expieriences, write me (Or type me, same thing.). Is it normal to feel different from the regular crowd? Am I gone mad? Who knows, but let me just tell you one thing: DON'T DARE LIE! lol Seriously, help.

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