OK, I made the story August, 2011, and out of all my mediocre stories on this site, that one was supposedly the best, even though it lacked any paragraphs or character explanations. I had several people contact me and mention that "Update" I would give the story, with the second half of the story. If you never read the story, check it out, I haven't done anything to it since August, even give it paragraphs and fix a grammar error if you want. To the few people who did want a second part, it WILL come, hopefully soon if possible. Now, if you did read the story and have questions, here are a few facts:

  • The DVD is real, and I do own it.
  • The case has 3 DVDs, 2 discs with episodes and the last one is special features.
  • The comic and "More popular" TV show are also real.
  • You'll probably understand the story better if you read the comic.
  • This was the last "Lost Episode" story I wrote.

If you hate it, don't flip out, I'm not a 5 star writer and you're not a 5 star critic. (P.S NO LINK FOR YOU!)