What it Means to Live within the World of Creepypastas01:42

What it Means to Live within the World of Creepypastas

I live in the world of the Creepypastas; I, Mourneris. Though I am like you, a human being who gets up every morning and has the same exact obligations as any normal man or woman. The difference, my friend, is that in my world the Creepypastas exist; all of them.

This sounds heinous to you, but it's perfectly logical. Now, do not believe that I exist within the same realm as you. In fact, you needn't worry about things like Jeff, Funnymouth, the plethora of evil computer files, or weird other-worldly occurrences. You don't even have to worry about me. The truth is, we exist in another place, all you do is read our stories, each and every single one as they continue to be written by those who call themselves the citizens of this realm.

We live a sad existence, that is a fact we face every day and night, not knowing when we'll be killed by these things. You are nice and cozy, surfing this website on your computer without a worry of having to turn around and have your head cut off or waking up to find Jeff in the corner of your room, but I do. You'll never read about the deaths of my friends on the paper, or the depression of their families. No, you'll read about them here, from me. You'll also read about the same thing from others, including their own stories. Anthony, Kassy, and Jason were my friends; their stories find their place on this 'newspaper' that to you is just a wikia.

So with this, I leave you with a request, if you even have a shred of pity. Please, do not take these lightly. Simply because they could never happen to you or those around you, doesn't mean that they don't happen to us; those from the world of Creepypastas.