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    I'm trying to go to sleep,

    But there's something there who creeps,

    Everytime I lay my head down,

    I hear them making sounds,

    Loud, banging, As if it just sits and pounds,

    "Who there?" I say..

    I try to sleep a different way,

    On the sofa, in the other room,

    It's quiet, as if it was a mummie's tomb,

    I lay my head on the arm rest,

    But I'm awaken by some.. annoying pest.

    "BANG, BANG," at the door,

    I jump and fall, and land on the floor.

    "Ouch!" I say.. "I can't wait until the break of day"

    My chest gets tight, something hits me and I lose all sight,

    I wake up.. urine all over..

    Blood and shit, my body it covers..

    "Wha.. what is this?" I smell the stench of piss.

    The man begins to laugh, and then.. picks up a piece..

    A piece of my calf.. He cut it off..

    Along with …

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