I'm at the end of my rope with the way titles are treated. It's disgusting. If you're going to publish a story here, you better have a title that represents, showcases, and gives an over-all summary of your literature. Since there's always going to be issues with titles on this site, I've decided to leave some tips here for you to consider:

  • If the title you want has already been used, then DON'T FREAKING USE IT. Plain and simple. I've seen pastas on here that end with periods, or spelled entirely in lower-case letters (and very rarly, upper-case) [e.g. "The Red Room" and "The red room"]. The English language is abundant with words and combinations of those words; CHOOSE SOMETHING ELSE.
  • Capitalization is so freaking important in titles. However, there are exceptions for what can be capitalized and what can't. Fortunatly, there are RULES to explain what works and what doesn't.
  • Just because your pasta begins with "The" doesn't mean it belongs in the "T" page of the Article Listings. The same goes for pastas beginning with "A" or "An" going into the "A" page. This WILL piss off admins (especially the admin who works to fix your stupid mistakes).

That is all.