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Can i just take a moment to rant about Heir of Fire?

I mean, I like Heir of Fire (Throne of glass: book 3), but i just don't see how business between Aedion, Chaol and Dorian is necessary. Or with Manon. it just feels like useless info. i mean, it isn't really necessary, is it. i mean, it just seems stupid. you think you're gonna get more about Aelin and Rowan, but then it swaps to Manon and f**king Abraxos. Holy f**k. i f**king hate this s**t. i don't care about riften and all that witch bulls**t. f**king seriously. although, it is a good book, it has so much about Chaol and Dorian, Manon and Abraxos. i just don't see how is necessary...

good day.... 

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