Hello. I guess I just felt like spitting out why I joined. Aside from the fact that I want to put my stories in a place where it can be appreciated. (Too many romance stories on my side of the world)

To be honest this isn't actually the first site that I saw. There was another that I frequented before this. It also hosted a lot of horror, weird and mysterious stories which I will say (forgive me if it offends anyone) is better than most of the stuff here. Until most of the recent posts are just about the corruption of the governments, attacks on Christianity with their so-called "facts" and inconsistencies and the "new world order". That site that I used to frequent had turned to a site where people expresses their hate for a faction, belief or the world. Not saying it's bad but it kind of felt unwelcoming to someone like me who goes there to read about cryptids, ghosts and stuff. I really hope that none of that happens here.

Well that concludes my rant. One more thing. I suppose it is a bit late, but I wish to formally introduce myself. MonochromeSaya96 here and at your service.