aka Mono, Saya

  • I live in a small house in the middle of a sea of trees.
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is Cook, Dishwasher and Housecat.
  • I am a cat.
  • MonochromeSaya96

    Not entirely creepypasta related but, I guess I just wanted to let it out here. This is the only site I have where I can post a blog post so... If it's inappropriate then feel free to delete it.

    Lately, I've been looking at my life right now. I just felt that my parents somehow seems too...controlling, I guess. I don't have any problems with them wanting us not to indulge in some things that are bad rather, it's on our general interests.

    I should start with what incident made me realize this. I heard my father urging my younger sister to take up guitar lessons (maybe because I didn't). He was a good guitar player so I can totally understand his disappontment with me when I didn't develop an interest in playing instruments. But when my sister…

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  • MonochromeSaya96


    February 5, 2014 by MonochromeSaya96

    So I was browsing a blog and it said that I cannot comment because my IP address was automatically blocked. It is automatically blocked because it was used by some user who, in turn, was blocked because of creating Spam Pages.

    How was this possible? I'm pretty sure I've only opened my email and all my other online accounts on my own PC. I never open it on a public outlet. Can anybody help?

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  • MonochromeSaya96

    Reasons and rants

    January 30, 2014 by MonochromeSaya96

    Hello. I guess I just felt like spitting out why I joined. Aside from the fact that I want to put my stories in a place where it can be appreciated. (Too many romance stories on my side of the world)

    To be honest this isn't actually the first site that I saw. There was another that I frequented before this. It also hosted a lot of horror, weird and mysterious stories which I will say (forgive me if it offends anyone) is better than most of the stuff here. Until most of the recent posts are just about the corruption of the governments, attacks on Christianity with their so-called "facts" and inconsistencies and the "new world order". That site that I used to frequent had turned to a site where people expresses their hate for a faction, belie…

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  • MonochromeSaya96

    The true element

    January 25, 2014 by MonochromeSaya96

    In all the years that I have read horror stories, I have seen a lot of techniques that writers have employed. Most of them use a lot of word play, building up suspense as time passes and ending it with a spectacular display. (e.g. Jan Neruda's Vampire) Other times, I see that there is a seemingly unconquerable being or deity that attempts to kill characters as they try to fight it in vain. Majority I've seen focus on gore, blood and violence to bring about the scare. (Most zombie movies) There are a few that lets the atmosphere take over; they give off the impression that something is there, even though the probability of something isn't really there remains. (An American Horror Story, Another)

    Which one really leaves more impact? Which one…

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