When I was younger I would always see someone in my basement, this person appeared to resemble a prisoner, wearing a black and white striped jumpsuit with a large smile and strange hair, as if he was badly electrocuted. As a kid i had the chore of bringing the laundry into the basement to be washed and as i walked down the steps i could always see him, i was scared of him, i don't know why as it had never done anything before but i was.

Its gaze would always follow me but he would never do anything, and when i say anything i really mean this, it wouldn't even move, just breathe and stare. I still don't know if it was in my imagination or if it was something worse. I eventually had gotten used to it but it didn't go away for the longest time.

I've never told the rest of my family what i saw, maybe i should have, but i don't think it would have helped. Just as i started to think that what i was seeing down in that basement wasn't real, something happened, I woke up late one night and had to go to the bathroom, there was one right across the hall but i decided to go to the one downstairs, next to the basement, after i finished going to the bathroom i went into the basement and walked downstairs, it wasn't there.

I was confused but i didn't mind i was almost relieved i walked around a little and began going back upstairs the door was closed and i knew that i had left it open, when i tried to open it i realized with a great discomfort that it was locked. this is when i began to hear voices, i still didn't see anything but i heard something telling me to come downstairs to where the boiler was. there was no light there and i never had gone over there before and surely was not going to now.

Panicked i began banging on the door luckily as the voices grew louder the door opened, my brother had just come home, i don't think i have ever been happier since. He asked me why i had been banging and i simply said i was afraid of the dark, of course he laughed at me but i was safe and content. I still bring the laundry down but every now and then i swear i can still hear voices, but hey it's probably just my imagination....

                                  ..... I hope.