I've been stuck on this one flashback scene and it's all a total blank. Nothing is coming out on paper and I've been pacing around the house trying to get my creative processes working, but nothing is coming out on paper.

If you must know what this particular scene is about...well it features the main character who hears this local story about three British evacuees kids went missing at the annual Halloween picnic/fun fair at this rock formation, and decides to investigate this particular event.

You'll find the tale in this story link>

The Unquiet Past and Present

Anyway, I've trying to decided which of these scenarios is best--if she goes to the library and find the newspaper articles of this particular event missing or she gets preoccupied by other more urgent stuff that she doesn't have time to do any Nancy Drew-type investigation. I hate having to get writer's block at such an important part in the story, especially when it last for two days.