Okay, now that I got my OC Story Reorganization sorted out, I will now tell you about my latest and newest problem, not with Creepypasta Wikia, instead it's with a very small but highly annoying type of wildlife--little black ants. These things are everywhere, especially in the kitchen. Even though it its Spring, the weather where I am is rainy and cold, these little guys naturally want to come in and take advantage of the "free" food that's lying around. They even invading the refridgerator; three weeks ago, I was going to have the last of some leftover salmon, the lil' bastards beat me to it so I ended up giving it to the crows. We ended up having to throw some leftover food away and wipe the fridge interior with vinegar, and they still come back! They're driving my mom up the wall, she spends much of the morning and evening crushing every little ant she sees. I tell her it's futile because those are just workers, and you have to find where the queen is. Even though we have ant poison and homemade ant traps of apple cider, there's still lots more coming.

Feel free to give me suggestions on stopping these little pests.