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I Want to Contribute This Story About Leap Castle

My dad has a lot of stories about Ireland, and one of them has these essays by this well-known Irish writer named Oliver St. John Gogarty. Besides being an author, he was a physician and surgeon, he also served (1922–36) in the parliament of the Irish Free State. Gogarty is perhaps best known as the model for Buck Mulligan in James Joyce's Ulysses.As I Was Going down Sackville Street (1937). In this book titled, A Weekend in the Middle of the Week, he talks about Leap Castle in the middle of Ireland and the horrific "Elemental " spirit known as "IT." When I first read this story, it scared me so much that I had nightmares afterwards. This was way before I saw the 1996 program that portrayed re-enactment of the events of the Castle Leap hauntings.

I thought about putting this essay up on Creepypasta because I thought it was so horrifying. This thing isn't like a typical ghost, it's more like a demon.

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