A sampling from my Graphic Novel--A Recollection. The first act/volume takes place in a French Mediterraneancity lots similar to real life settings such as Lisbon Portugal and Rovinj Croatia and concerns a number of creepy and unsettling things happening to these various characters, and all seemed to be connected with a "yandere" girl and a innocuous-looking house with a bad reputation. basically, it's about negative events that unleash psychic energy into an environment where it’s absorbed like a battery thus creating a house-as-monster.

First uploaded to deviantart in 8-12-016 and currently at 66 pgs, the majority of which are in black & white.

Pg 45 an interlude b w by mmpratt99-dapedx8

pg. 45--An Interlude (C) mmpratt99 2016

Pg 46 an interlude b w by mmpratt99-dapeef0

pg. 46--An Interlude (C) mmpratt99 2016

Pg 47 an interlude b w by mmpratt99-dapmaqw

pg. 47--An Interlude (C) mmpratt99 2016

Pg 48 an interlude b w by mmpratt99-dapmbgh

pg. 48--An Interlude (C) mmpratt99