Hopefully, what you're going to see first (if the "Add Feature" thing ever works out, if not, I'm either going to post the image in either the comment box below or on my home page)) is the ouija board featured in my story--The Visitor From Curtisville.  Here's the chapter where it's first introduced>

dA gallery sample--The Visitor From Curtisville Ch-8

It is a very dangerous artifact because not only does it reach out to the darkest astral regions where all sorts of demonic riffraff hang out, merely touching this thing with your bare hands causes something called "Progressive Entrapment.  

This happens happens when an evil spirit deceives a board user with intent to possess him/her. The spirit entices the person to use the board more frequently and to let his/her guard down.

Example of this--Supposedly the kid that the book/movie The Exorcist was based on was so addicted using the ouija that he wound being possessed by the Thing he was talking to.

The second thing is another illustration featuring a character in my story--The Visitor From Curtisville. He is known by several names--The Rose Man, the Rose Prince, the Rose Reaper, Fleur du mal, L'Enfant Terrible, the Demonic Rose of Versailles. The half-human bastard son of an Otherworld hermaphroditic demon/Elder God and King Louis XIV, he frequently walks the Earth in the guise of a human being, usually that of a short French dandy or a tall, slim, joyous man in the latest of designer clothes . He has "a thousand" other forms, most of these maddeningly horrific to the human eye. While his eight other half-brothers delight in causing general hellish madness and mayhem, he delights in cruelty, is deceptive and manipulative, and even cultivates cults of followers and uses propaganda to achieve his ultimate goals. In this regard, he is probably the most human-like of the brood.

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