I'm working on a collab pasta.

And I'm wondering... would any of you guys be interested in helping out?

It goes like this:

A guy named Matthew, dissapears. Allen, a friend of his, shows up at his house to check things out. He discovers that the guy's car is missing from the driveway, his phone is gone, his computer is gone, but everything else has been left behind.

Fearing the worst, He searches every room of the house only find nothing, no trace of violent confrontation, no evidence pointing toward a kidnapping, nothing at all.

Until he searches the basement. There, he finds several boxes neatly stacked up in the corner.

Inside these boxes, he finds several notebooks, audio tapes, and other documents, all pertaining to a strange cult and the sinister deity it worships, known only as the "Deep Father".

Much of the story is told through these documents as Allen goes through them looking for answers to his friend's dissapearance.

If you are interested in collaborating on this, say so in the comments section, or contact me on Skype.

Also, I would like to see what pastas you've written, if any.