I will not be participating in this wiki anymore. I've barely been on, largely because the people I liked drifted away from the site. And the other reason is because I honestly do not feel welcome anymore.

I've seen how people act on here. They're smug, condescending, and straight-up unapproachable. The rules have become an arbitrary clusterfuck that hasn't improved the overall quality of the site enough to justify itself. Simple words trigger a deletion, it is an automatic process with no actual consideration done. That is a lazy, needlessly restrictive approach to quality control. I will admit I'm not a stellar user, but when other editors go out of their way to be snide to people, it doesn't inspire them to improve themselves or interact with the mod staff, it just makes them want to go to the other creepypasta sites not infested with illiterates and self-important hotpockets.

So goodbye.