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Genres: What They're Called and What They Really Mean

Mmandator August 20, 2012 User blog:Mmandator

In case you've ever wondered what genres would be called if they were honest... I've done some translating from Genre Speak to English.

What's it called: Disaster Film

What it really is: Something destroys New York( or some other major city) in a clusterfuck of over the top special effects.

What it's called: Family Sitcom

What it really is: Did you like the jokes from Married With Children? Well here they are all over again BUT WITH A DIFFERENT FAMILY!

What it's called: Romantic Comedy

What it really is: Bland Guy meets Band Girl and they fall in bland love and go on bland dates.

What it's called: Reality Programming

What it really is: Do you like shows about pawn shops? WELL HERES A GAZILLION OF THEM!

What it's called: Horror

What it really is: Gorefest with bad writing and characters or remakes of better movies with bad writing, now you miss Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.

What it's called: Animated Family Film

What it really is: Another movie full of bad pop culture jokes and celebrity cameos and product placement that you only watch to shut the kids up. Except for Pixar, the sole remaining bright spot.

What it's called: Documentary


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