This is for those of you who are having creepypasta writer's block. I've come up with a few ideas for anybody to use on this site. Post in the comments if you want to use any of these prompts.

1: A video game creepypasta about an obscure computer game that changes every time you play it. The changes start out small and gradually become more noticable, this causes a 'Gaslighting' efect on the narrator.

2: A pasta about a person who finds a box of CDs while checking out an abandoned house. He/she then finds disturbing things on the CDs, such as videos of violent and depraved acts, textfiles containing insane rants, and other things.

3: A man and his wife look forward to having a baby. When they finally do have a child, the baby turns out to be a hideous freak of nature that is capable of crawling around mere days after being born. The story follows the parents as they cope with such a monstrous child.

4: A pasta told in the form of a series of emails from a man who struggles with delusions and hallucionations to his concerned friend. The man's shaky grasp on reality grows weaker as the pasta progresses.

5: A story written in a panicked sort of way, narrated by the sole surviving guest in a disastrous masquerade party. The guest tells how a strange parasite has infiltrated the party and has assimilated or killed all the other guests.

If you want to try one of these ideas out, go ahead. You are free to develop these ideas in any way you want.