• Mmandator

    So Long

    October 16, 2016 by Mmandator

    I will not be participating in this wiki anymore. I've barely been on, largely because the people I liked drifted away from the site. And the other reason is because I honestly do not feel welcome anymore.

    I've seen how people act on here. They're smug, condescending, and straight-up unapproachable. The rules have become an arbitrary clusterfuck that hasn't improved the overall quality of the site enough to justify itself. Simple words trigger a deletion, it is an automatic process with no actual consideration done. That is a lazy, needlessly restrictive approach to quality control. I will admit I'm not a stellar user, but when other editors go out of their way to be snide to people, it doesn't inspire them to improve themselves or interact…

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  • Mmandator


    October 21, 2012 by Mmandator

    I'm having problems with the fucking wikia.

    When I try to use the editor. It either gets stuck in perpetual loading or it loads and then won't let me fucking type in the editor field.

    Not only that. But the Article Listing appears to be blocked from editing. It just says "view source" with no edit option and the little lock icon displaying right next.

    So, what I want to know is are these problems happening to anyone else and that wikia is broken or is the problem on my end

    If it's a problem on my end, then I don't know what to do. I've used Firefox, it didn't work. I used Chrome and that didn't fucking work either. I had to deal with Internet Explorer just to type this blog post.

    EDIT: Everythings fine now. I'm having no problems with the site a…

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  • Mmandator

    In case you've ever wondered what genres would be called if they were honest... I've done some translating from Genre Speak to English.

    What's it called: Disaster Film

    What it really is: Something destroys New York( or some other major city) in a clusterfuck of over the top special effects.

    What it's called: Family Sitcom

    What it really is: Did you like the jokes from Married With Children? Well here they are all over again BUT WITH A DIFFERENT FAMILY!

    What it's called: Romantic Comedy

    What it really is: Bland Guy meets Band Girl and they fall in bland love and go on bland dates.

    What it's called: Reality Programming

    What it really is: Do you like shows about pawn shops? WELL HERES A GAZILLION OF THEM!

    What it's called: Horror

    What it really is: Gor…

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  • Mmandator

    I'm working on a collab pasta.

    And I'm wondering... would any of you guys be interested in helping out?

    It goes like this:

    A guy named Matthew, dissapears. Allen, a friend of his, shows up at his house to check things out. He discovers that the guy's car is missing from the driveway, his phone is gone, his computer is gone, but everything else has been left behind.

    Fearing the worst, He searches every room of the house only find nothing, no trace of violent confrontation, no evidence pointing toward a kidnapping, nothing at all.

    Until he searches the basement. There, he finds several boxes neatly stacked up in the corner.

    Inside these boxes, he finds several notebooks, audio tapes, and other documents, all pertaining to a strange cult and the si…

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  • Mmandator

    These are just a few suggestions for those planning on writing a 'Lost Episode' pasta any time soon.

    1. The "Intern working at 'X Animation Studio' has been done to death. Try to find another way to introduce the story and set up the encounter with the 'Episode' in question.

    2. Try making it about a more obscure series. If it's a series that's well known, like Spongebob or whatever, then it raises the plothole that if there is a missing episode that's so violent or horrific, then why hasn't it attracted the attention of the News Media? Also, an obscure show allows the writer more creative 'elbow space', in that the writer doesn't have to take the viewer's memory or knowledge of the show into account when setting up a backstory to the 'lost e…

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