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  • Mistfire333


    February 10, 2014 by Mistfire333

    Yeah, so I'm doing creepypasta reviews. I'm not exactly a master author, but I know enough about what makes a good story. I also hop that my reviews will improve my writing so I can create a good enough finale for my TWO, Grand Rebel stories. Three never happened, I'm deleting that piece of crap later. I will be quite harsh against truly bad pastas, and be quite positive towards good pastas. Just link me your pasta.

    Good things will be in bold, and things I dislike will be in italics. I will first summarize the tale, then move on and give my thoughts on it alongside my interpretation of the story. I am also open to re-reviewing some pastas should you give me enough insight on what you disagreed with that I did or didn't like so I can stop b…

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