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aka Sewn Rachel

  • My occupation is Making voodoo dolls
  • I am girl
  • Miss Needles

    Jeff vs Jane

    November 14, 2013 by Miss Needles

    Hello everyone I would like to talk about the arguement of Jeff and Jane and whose better I know that the Jeff fangirls are going to be mad at me but I like Jane better I think she's pretty for those who agree with me please comment a smiley face and those who don't please comment a frowny face.

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  • Miss Needles

    hey everyone i know this is gonna sound sorta pathetic but i need some help with my creepypasta story? I can't really get it to be scary and it's really stupid i just can't think of having it be good without getting help with it.

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  • Miss Needles

    Dreams or Nightmares

    August 15, 2013 by Miss Needles

    I've read a lot of Creepypasta's and I'm wondering this is it good or bad to have dreams about the creepypasta's. I've already dreamed of Jeff the killer, Jane the killer, and Slenderman, can someone please explain if this is good or bad?

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