• MissGrotesqueBurlesque

    It was the summer, so it was especially hot during the day. So I went out at night to ride my horses.

    It was about 8pm, and I'd just left the flashlight in the barn rather than taking it with me, as it barely did anything, thankfully the moon was quite bright.

    Suddenly, I started hearing unusual rustling sounds in the bushes behind me. I just figured it was a rabbit, or a fox, and went about my ride. The rustling got louder, so I turned to look and see if anything was there. I rode closer, and everything stopped, there was nothing there.

    I turned around, and kept riding, then, I saw something out of the corner of my eyes, it looked slightly like a human, but was too large. I just figured it was my imagination, I had been reading lots of Creep…

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