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    October 12, 2017 by Magical Toddler

    So life's still going to be slow for a bit. I am intending on pursuing a TEFL course and going to college (in a different country,) so things might be a while on the down take as far as constant and consistent editing. This combined with taking care of my child = not a lot of time left to be here every day while I'm getting things together.

    EDIT (11/28/17): Life comes at you fast, and I think, to be frank, that I tried to return and become a regular here at the wrong time. I thought things had simmered down enough irl to give me a lot more time to be here and work on various projects, but as it stands this very moment, I should, for all intents and purposes be considered inactive until further notice.

    I'm very torn up about having to say tha…

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    You're a sonic fan! *points* You're a sonic fan! *points at another person* You're a sonic fan!

    Welcome to the first entry of my little new side project, How They Should Have Wrote, where I rip off Adam Blampied and go over missed story opportunities and explain how I would do them better, because I'm a smart ass.

    Alright, Sonic.exe. Perhaps the worst story of all time. It is terra-bad. An absolute mess of cliches and plot-holes and idiot main characters and weird things out of nowhere that just makes you want to strangle the entire story violently with a piece of dental floss but I digress.

    Now, instead of going over the story critic-wise like I would, I'm going to do things a tad bit differently - I'm going to give a general run…

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    Shits and Giggles

    October 3, 2017 by Magical Toddler

    I put Jeff the Killer (the original) through the ebonics translator. It is glorious.

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    September 28, 2017 by Magical Toddler

    I've been trying to get a lot of things done. It's been rather stressful week, with sick children, sick adults, sickness everywhere. Now I'm dealing with a whole host of other issues, and it's left a sour mood on my tongue.

    I've been trying to keep to making at least one edit of some type per day (for no other reason than to show I'm still here and haven't taken off for one reason or another), and I'm going to continue trying to do so. That said, my roommate is sick now as well, so I need to make rather clear that my activity is going to probably maintain this snail's pace for a little while.

    It's really that simple, so that I can make sure everyone's aware.

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    September 15, 2017 by Magical Toddler

    So every time I read through a public domain story on the site, I inevitably come across a comment like this:


    Some are old, some are fairly recent, but all of them generally get summed up as this. Yeah, we get it, they aren't technically 'creepypasta'. But they're here for a reason; these are the stories that preceded creepypasta and by definition inspired it.

    A lot of them are under the mistaken idea that creepypasta is its own distinct genre. It's not. It's a sub-genre, specifically to horror. It's evolving, yes, but that doesn't make it a genre all on its own. Everything here is either a horror story with dramatic elements or a drama with horror elements. By definition, we are a horror site.


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