I know this has nothing to do with creepypastas. I just need to vent and this is the only way, so yeah.

I am a teen, so I have to go to highschool(No Shit). I also have to deal with other teens. Some of them are good friends and act decently. Then there are the ones that this rant is about.

I absolutly hate it when someone does something and says they didn't do it even though everyone saw them do it. It makes it so they look irresponsible and dishonest. I also hate it when people do one thing and somebody says that breaks the rules, AND THEY TURN AROUND AND DO THE EXACT GODDAMN THING. Its hypocrisy at its worse. Also, the school clique and popularity system is a load of shit, just because I like/hate means I am a loser? Ugh. 

Why can't people listen to the teacher. It's school NOT THE PARK. I personally witnessed three punishments to the whole class when only a few people are talking. I REALLY hate the racial and homophobic slurs that people throw around to sound cool, it doesn't, it makes you sound like a KKK member. Speaking of which, I am tired of (Note: I AM NOT RACIST OR HOMOPHOBIC, I am just calling it as I see it.) when a black kid says a bunch of racial slurs, but when a white guy does it means he/she is racist. (facepalm). 

Some people also seem to think that being arrogant and ignorant( the ACTUAL meaning, not meaning rude) makes them awesome, NO IT DOESN'T! It makes you look stupid. Also, bullying, do I need to say more.

Finally, When people make sexual references for absolutly no f**king reason. For the girls, it makes them sound like a whore. For men, it makes you sound like a Douche.

I could go on for hours but I can't here. See ya, next pasta extra, Cliches and Execution

P.S. I am preordering Mortal Kombat X, there's an upside