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Today, we ask ourselves, Can fans kill a good story. In short, depends. There are some pastas (Whos quality will not be brought up here) that have large amounts of fans. Some of which are really annoying and more damaging to the pasta's reputation. Various examples are Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Sonic.exe, and good pastas like Ben Drowned. The pure craziness makes the entire fanbase look bad. Every fandom suffers from this. So this means fans are to blame for all the crap? No. Some fans are decent and help build good reputations for their fandom image. I usually think of the brony community in particular, while some of them are wierd, some of them are good people. This can be brought up with any fandom, bronies are just what comes to my mind.Also some of these stories I mentioned (excluding BEN cause everyone in that fandom has done good) have fans who do good things for the reputation of their fandom. So, in conclusion, fans can both help or hurt a story.

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