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Re-App: Miracles

1: What is your name? My name is Miracles however most know me as L.

2. How long have you been a mod? Estimate if you're not sure. I was a mod for a short period of time, about a little less then a week. And perm mod for about a day.

3. Why should you have your rights reinstated? I want to keep this short and sweet so I want drag on into a five paragraph explanation. I feel like I have made some mistakes in my past, however the reason I feel as if I didn't really get the chance I deserved. I was givin three trials. The last one I had passed but it was not discussed throughout the community and therefore an uproar happened and the end result was my rights being revoked. I may not be the most pleasant person there is but I am very active and I am on nights/mornings. I know the rules and would gladly enforce them without alterer motives or in favor of one more then others. I know that if this last chance I can prove to be a substantial aid to this community. Thanks for considering me!

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