Hi this is my first ever blog all about minecraft life(on xbox) when you start a new world so lets start.When you make ar create a new world the first thing your want to do is get wood and food and after that you might wanna go on a little adventure and find a village to start your crops and stuff (you could even find a blacksmith).Now depending on what you've put it on either peacfull,easy,normal or hard if its on easy or above you might wanna set camp in the village for a couple of days so you can get recorces for your house if its on peacfull you might just wanna star building straight away.When you've doneyour awesome house your gonna need some decint tools so off you go int o the mine if your on easy or above you might wanna bring a stone sword but on peacfull dont bother whawts the piont?In the caves you might wanna keep an eye out for thing like coal,iron.lapis,gold and diamonds if your new to minecraft diamonds are the best tools you can use in the game at the moment so you might wanna get them and if you get nine make a block and do the duplication glitch if you don't know what it is you should go on youtube a nd have a look you can do it with all ore blocks eg.iron,lapis,gold,diamond and emerald.When you finish all you wanna do is dig up don't worry if you bump into lava its to slow to come down so you'll be fine and if you meet water you'll be able to swim up.When your back up on the surface you might wanna find your house.

  Thats all for today they'll be more up on friday