aka Aram

  • I live in Mexico
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Being an Author
  • I am Male
  • Mindevous


    July 2, 2015 by Mindevous

    I guess this place is much better for writing, than writing in my Bio.

    Hello, I'm Mindevous, I am found under various names: A very well-known one is Cynook. The main purpose of my registration was to write horror stories and let people know of my existence.

    My main hobby would be ROM Hacking, mainly because it's the one I put most effort into than other ones I have, (not to mention, but it's the funnest!). Super Mario World would be that one game.

    Outside of the Internet, I'm just a regular person with regular likes. I'm currently in High School, and I'm near to graduate. So without a doubt, I can say that I may write more here, since I find it to be more comfortable.

    Well, you can contact on Facebook and SMW Central, under the name Mindevous. Thankā€¦

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