I have three books for sale in my bookstore, for those of you who don't know. I recently fixed the bookstore page so that you can see all three book series side-by-side, but I'd like the text to align with each image no matter what device you view it on. Anyone html savvy-enough to make this happen? Thanks in advance!

Also if you click Bishop & Holiday or Midgard Chronicles, you'll see previews of two new books to be released in the near future.

THE AMITYVILLE NUISANCE. After Dr. Holiday accidentally springs his dead cousin from the lower circles of Inferno, Edna is forced to take an infernal case as community service to get the charges dropped. Now the good doctor is stuck investigating the Amityville Tourist Trap to pay the rent, with the help of Lulu Dahl — former fiancee and full-time medusa!

KINGDOM OF FAMINE. Juno faces her most dreaded adversary: HER RELATIVES. When Juno gets word of her estranged mother’s suicide, she returns to her dystopian home town to bury the hatchet along with her. The moment she gets off the train, her past assaults her on all fronts with embittered sisters, teen crushes, obnoxious dogs, and a very smitten gang leader with ultraviolent tendencies. Trouble is, the more Juno wonders about her mother’s death, the more everyone urges her to get out of town. And the more they urge her to leave, the stronger her own urge gets — the urge to gut the city’s corrupt underbelly.