I posted this on TooSpooky recently on a friend's recommendation. It's a combination parody, fanfic, and creepypasta riff I wrote a few years ago.

"House of Skeeves"

By Mike MacDee and Karthesios

Adam Ulysses and La Furia cross paths with two fighter pilots from an alternate earth. The pilots hope to return to their original timeline and continue their fight against the forces of an alternate Atlantis. The heroes enter the No End House hoping to find a way back through the space-time continuum.

"Who's offering the prize money?" said Furia, narrowing his eyes and folding his arms defiantly.

Adam shrugged.

"Where'd this mysterious reality-distorting house come from? Who built it?"

Adam shrugged.

Furia rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You dunno where this house came from, or who's offering the prize money, but somehow you and every idiot on the internet knows about it and wants to try it out?"

They were the same form. I can't really describe it, but I saw them at the same time. They shared the same spot in that room, but it was like looking at two separate dimensions. When I saw the girl I saw the form, and when I saw the form I saw the girl.

>RHODES: You're right. You can't describe it.