I now have two books: Shadow of the Fox, recently released by Pro Se Productions, and The Helios Legacy, available for preorder (released july 31).

Shadow of the Fox can be purchased in print or digital form here or here.

Centuries ago in Japan, during the Edo Period, three heists took place that changed the course of history forever. No textbooks acknowledge that these incidents ever took place.

Shadow of the Fox reinvents the ninja with a trilogy of historical heist novellas that will keep you guessing until the very last line.

The Helios Legacy, which I blogged about previously, is available for preorder here at the moment, and I'll release it on Amazon around the same time (hopefully).

I'm also gonna ask you folks for a favor. TNT and Wattpad recently started a joint project for a Tales from the Crypt style series, and I'd like them to have the chance to notice my work on the site. If you can, please pick your favorite story from my uploads and share them on social media, and/or rate and comment to make them stand out in the Horror searches. I doubt anyone will notice them, but I figure I may as well get some positive use out of that dreadful site however possible.

Thanks for all the support, guys and dolls.