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  • I am a writer, critic, and martial arts shitkicker
  • Mikemacdee

    Writing In Perspective

    September 22, 2016 by Mikemacdee

    I'm compiling a list of examples of the different types of perspective you can write in: First Person, Second Person, Third Person Omniscient, Third Person Limited, Third Person Objective

    1) First Person

    The narrator is a character in the story, or a character relating the story to someone else. This is especially effective in horror stories, such as those told in epistolary style (a story told in the form of a series of documents, letters, or journal entries). It can be difficult to pull off because the narrator is usually a character with limited knowledge, or worse, a distorted view of the events that took place.

    I was walking home with my buddies Tom and Dick, telling them about the funny things I said in creative writing class that day. …

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  • Mikemacdee

    Here is the tweet.

    SLAM, suddenly the story's scriggler post has 700+ reads. It's not a bad way to occasionally get noticed, I guess.

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  • Mikemacdee

    I finally got around to watching The Hateful Eight after hearing so much negative feedback about the movie, and....really enjoyed the hell out of it. I watched it several days in a row, in fact, sometimes playing it in the background while I worked on other things.

    It's odd that I was so taken with it. I'm not usually a Tarantino fan, though I appreciate his love of genre film and the literary way he tries to tell stories through cinema. But I'm a huge fan of westerns and good hardboiled mysteries, and it seems that's exactly what this movie is: a hardboiled mystery set in post-civil war times. I suppose "golden age mystery" would be more appropriate -- structurally it's more Agatha Christie and less Raymond Chandler -- but as with hardboil…

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  • Mikemacdee

    I started a couple of giveaways on Goodreads. If you live in the U.S., you can enter either one for a chance to win a free signed copy of Shadow of the Fox or The Helios Legacy, depending whether you prefer ninjas or girls with guns. I might even throw in a doodle for the hell of it.

    Sorry to the non-US bookworms who might want to join in. Last time I tried to ship something internationally was a disaster, so I'm keeping it local this time.

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  • Mikemacdee

    I now have two books: Shadow of the Fox, recently released by Pro Se Productions, and The Helios Legacy, available for preorder (released july 31).

    Shadow of the Fox can be purchased in print or digital form here or here.

    Centuries ago in Japan, during the Edo Period, three heists took place that changed the course of history forever. No textbooks acknowledge that these incidents ever took place.

    Shadow of the Fox reinvents the ninja with a trilogy of historical heist novellas that will keep you guessing until the very last line.

    The Helios Legacy, which I blogged about previously, is available for preorder here at the moment, and I'll release it on Amazon around the same time (hopefully).

    I'm also gonna ask you folks for a favor. TNT and Wattpa…

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