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  • I am a writer, critic, and martial arts shitkicker
  • Mikemacdee

    NoEnd House Parody

    February 28, 2017 by Mikemacdee

    I posted this on TooSpooky recently on a friend's recommendation. It's a combination parody, fanfic, and creepypasta riff I wrote a few years ago.

    "House of Skeeves"

    By Mike MacDee and Karthesios

    Adam Ulysses and La Furia cross paths with two fighter pilots from an alternate earth. The pilots hope to return to their original timeline and continue their fight against the forces of an alternate Atlantis. The heroes enter the No End House hoping to find a way back through the space-time continuum.

    "Who's offering the prize money?" said Furia, narrowing his eyes and folding his arms defiantly.

    Adam shrugged.

    "Where'd this mysterious reality-distorting house come from? Who b…

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  • Mikemacdee

    Haven't tried doing a legit reading before, and I wanted to try it the way I think makes a good reading. I was considering recording performances of some of my non-horror works in the future, so I guess this was practice. Plus nobody seems to know this story exists (like most of my work). I'm not really sure I have a good voice for it, and living with old people who go to bed early kinda gets in the way of giving a 110% performance. Or maybe I'm wrong and I did okay. I dunno. You guys and dolls can probably tell me.

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  • Mikemacdee

    I threw this video together to test my new mic. I don't break all the most important rules of audio performance, but I break enough of them to illustrate my point I think.

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  • Mikemacdee

    Valentines Day Stories

    February 11, 2017 by Mikemacdee

    I posted a few on social media recently.

    Nobody's Perfect The story of boy meets snake. A mini spin-off of Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors.

    Pygmalion Syndrome A very personal stream-of-consciousness memoir of my own pitiful romantic ventures.

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  • Mikemacdee

    Writing In Perspective

    September 22, 2016 by Mikemacdee

    I'm compiling a list of examples of the different types of perspective you can write in: First Person, Second Person, Third Person Omniscient, Third Person Limited, Third Person Objective

    1) First Person

    The narrator is a character in the story, or a character relating the story to someone else. This is especially effective in horror stories, such as those told in epistolary style (a story told in the form of a series of documents, letters, or journal entries). It can be difficult to pull off because the narrator is usually a character with limited knowledge, or worse, a distorted view of the events that took place.

    I was walking home with my buddies Tom and Dick, telling them about the funny things I said in creative writing class that day. …

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