Name: Marshall Ragsdale

Age: 23

Height: 5' 11

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Dark brown (might as well be black)

Favorite color: I have two! Black and red. I know black is a shade, people, but I DON'T CARE! PPBTH!!

Favorite food(s): Pizza, sushi, and peanut butter

Hobbies: Video games, writing, acting and hanging out with friends!

Pet peeves: Odd numbers (excepts for 5's), feminists, and the squeaky sound of styrofoam.

Marry/F***/Kill: I'd marry Emma Watson, f*** Billie Piper, and kill Miley Cyrus.

Dream job: Either a music artist or a full-time YouTuber!

Sexuality: Are you asking for my gender or my sexual orientation? My gender is male; I pointed this out already. DERP! But my S.O. is metro (hetero, but often mistaken for a gay guy, because I'm just that awesome :P)

Relationship: Possibly in the near future

Ships: 10th Doctor + Rose Tyler

Favorite user: I have none; I don't discriminate. I have respect for any and all users of this wiki, so long as they have respect for me in return :)

Cats or dogs?: Dogs! Cats are ADORABLE!! But in the end, I'll always be a dog kind of guy.