So my narration of TNH will have to be postponed to...well, whatever day the video file is done being saved to my computer! UGH! Seriously, why is it that computers have to make the simplest of tasks SO F***ING FRUSTRATING!!


The crazy thing is, I left at around 5pm this afternoon, to go to the Haunted Hotel in Downtown SD. Three hours later, I return home, and the file...was only at 11% completion! ELEVEN??? Really??? Gaaaaaaah, the sooner it's done and posted, the sooner I can stop stressing over it. Because let's be real here: I shouldn't have to stress about it! But I do, because I want to share my stories with others, and I want to do that on the day I say I'd have it ready! But I CAN'T if this damn fossil of a desktop re-FUSES to co-OPERATE!! >.< [Angry breathing]

Okay, rant over. Sorry for the delay, everyone...

[mumbles to himself] Not like anyone reads these anyway, so I might as well be talking to myself  -_-