I know this'll just get lost in collective, but I need to say something.

It's an ongoing joke in the creepypasta community that Wattpad is a total shitstorm when it comes to creepypastas. We have classics like Nina the Killer, Homocidal Liu, Jane the Killer, and God knows how many stories there are of some 13-year-old emo girl (no offense to emos, girls, or 13-year-olds BTW) shipping themselves with Slenderman or Jeff the Killer or Ticcy Toby etc. Now I'll be honest, I enjoy fanfiction and shipping, and I've written some myself. But the main problem is that creepypastas are made to scare people, not to be romantic. Wattpad and can be very creative and entertaining and a good starting point for to-be authors. But even some of the best Wattpad writers seem to make total shit creepypastas. Is it just the website? Does the code itself twist the story to be cringeworthy? I don't know why I can't find even one original, half-decent creepypasta or scary story in general on Wattpad. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Have a good day.